Basic Life Support (BLS) Courses

Aceso’s AHA-Approved Basic Life Support class is important for all healthcare professionals - and it’s absolutely imperative for RNs of any type. Aceso offers courses designed by nurses, for nurses - our team is composed of highly-trained professionals that understand the importance of spreading this life-saving knowledge to other nurses training for certification.

This course will help to form your problem-solving skills and teach you to think quickly in the midst of an emergency. During an emergency, there is no time to waste.

Aceso’s BLS class offers the most up-to-date protocols and procedures, so you can be as prepared as possible when confronted with an emergency that calls for basic life support. After certification, you will be able to administer treatment to those in need and create positive patient outcomes.

With this training on your side, you will be the one that people look to during an emergency. This certification brings along a sense of responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Because of this fact, Aceso’s BLS class is not designed with only the goal of passing the certification exam in mind. This class is well-rounded and teaches critical thinking practices when dealing with cardiac emergencies, choking victims and more - whether the patient is an infant, child, or adult.

The BLS Course

This BLS Course will teach you:

  • How to recognize emergencies that are life-threatening to a patient
  • Administer skilled chest compressions
  • Administer appropriate ventilations
  • Deliver early use of an AED

This class abides by the science and education that the American Heart Association is based upon, and the curriculum reflects as much. 

Who Should Take the BLS Class?

This class is applicable to anyone who is in the medical field. These types of roles can be found in a wide variety of facilities, prehospital, and hospital settings. Through Aceso, this course is mainly designed for healthcare professionals and registered nurses. 

What Is Included In This Course?

In this BLS course, you can expect to learn:

  • Current theory
  • High-quality CPR for adults/children/infants
  • The AHA Chain of Survival - namely the BLS components
  • Use of an AED (with a focus on early use)
  • Use of a ventilator
  • The emphasis placed on working as a team during a rescue and/or CPR
  • How to care for a choking victim
  • Skills checkoff


After completing the BLS course, you are eligible for AHA BLS certification.