NCLEX Remediation Course

Master the NCLEX with Aceso: Targeted NCLEX Remediation Course

Begin Your Successful Retake Journey with Aceso’s NCLEX Remediation Program. 

Why NCLEX Remediation?

The NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) is a vital stepping stone for aspiring nurses. If your first attempt didn’t go as planned, it’s important to remember that this exam isn’t just a hurdle—it’s a measure of your preparedness to enter the healthcare field.

Most exam takers have strengths and weaknesses in different areas. Often, failing the NCLEX is due to struggling with one or more categories and not an overall condemnation that you wouldn’t be a good nurse.

The NCLEX can be daunting, but with the right remediation program, you can turn previous challenges into success. Aceso’s comprehensive NCLEX remedial course can help.

NCLEX Remediation Course

Key Benefits of an NCLEX Remediation Course:

Focused Remediation: 

When you can concentrate on areas where you previously struggled, you’ll transform weaknesses into strengths.

Customized Practice: 

Gain access to tailored NCLEX practice tests, simulating the real exam environment. There’s no substitute for the “real thing”.

Boosted Confidence: 

Structured and supportive remediation to approach your retake with confidence and poise.

Aceso’s Approach to Holistic NCLEX Remediation

The Aceso Institute of Health Professions, a leader in nursing education based in Florida, provides an all-encompassing NCLEX remediation & completion program that was designed for nurses by nurses.

Our curriculum is designed to address the common & specific areas where candidates often need more support, covering everything from pharmacology to patient care. We’ve been there and know the broad range of knowledge you’re expected to know.

What Sets the Aceso Remedial Course Apart:

Comprehensive Study Guides: 

Designed by fellow nurses, these guides focus on clarifying complex topics & addressing known difficulties for test takers.

Tailored test Practice Questions: 

A wide variety of practice questions are available, emphasizing the format & style of the actual exam.

Flexible Course Formats: 

We offer various learning options, including hybrid & virtual courses, to accommodate your schedule and preferences.

Unified NCLEX Remediation for Comprehensive Coverage

Our remediation program recognizes that your needs are unique. Whether you’re focusing on broad nursing practices or specific patient care techniques, Aceso’s course is tailored to cover all essential aspects of the exam.

A Tailored Approach to NCLEX Mastery

Simply opening the books back up and giving the test another try isn’t a strategy; it’s a recipe for disappointment. Aceso’s NCLEX Remedial Course offers a comprehensive approach to nursing education and exam preparation. 

Designed specifically for those who have previously faced challenges with the NCLEX, foreign nursing school graduates, or nurses returning to practice after a hiatus, this course reinforces nursing concepts, furthers clinical requirements, and enhances critical thinking skills while refining clinical judgment. 

This course offers you all the tools & resources necessary for success.

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Expansive Curriculum Tailored for Comprehensive Learning

Our comprehensive nursing program is structured to prime you for passing the NCLEX exam. Each module builds on your existing knowledge while introducing new concepts & practices essential for modern nursing. Linking new concepts to ones you already know is a proven way to boost recognition and understanding. It also improves your ability to apply critical thinking to some of the questions on the test that seem to have more than one correct answer. Our comprehensive nursing program is structured to prime you for passing the NCLEX exam. Here’s what we have in store for you:

NCLEX Mastery: 

Dive into effective strategies for acing the NCLEX. We’ll guide you through managing your time wisely, dissecting tricky questions, adopting savvy test-taking techniques, and keeping your cool under pressure.


Nursing Ethics and Law: 

Ever wonder about the moral and legal compass guiding nurses? We’ll explore this terrain, emphasizing how to uphold the highest standards of professional integrity.


Essentials of Nursing Care: 

We’ll take you through the bedrock principles of nursing – think patient safety, battling infections, and the theories that have shaped modern nursing.


Understanding Human Development: 

Nursing isn’t one-size-fits-all. We’ll study the unique needs at every stage of life, from pediatrics to geriatrics, tailoring your care approach accordingly.


Maternity Insights: 

From pre-birth to postpartum, we cover it all. Expect discussions on managing complex situations and maintaining maternal health.


Pediatric Nursing Know-How: 

Kids aren’t just mini-adults. Learn the ins and outs of pediatric care, from common illnesses to specialized care techniques.


Anatomy and Physiology 101: 

A solid grasp of the human body is non-negotiable. We’ll break down each body system, teaching you how they tick.


Dissecting Disorders: 

Each body system can falter in unique ways. We’ll delve into various disorders, understanding their mechanisms and how to manage them nursing-wise.


Mental Health Matters: 

Mental health is as crucial as physical health. We tackle common conditions, psychiatric care essentials, and the art of therapeutic communication.


Pharmacology Fundamentals: 

Medications can be lifesavers – if used correctly. Get to grips with drug classes, administration, and the science behind them.


Dosage Calculations: 

Accuracy is key in medication dosages. We’ll show you how to nail those calculations every time.


Clinical Skills in Action: 

There’s no substitute for hands-on practice. Your practical training will boost your confidence in real-world nursing scenarios.


Advanced Topics:

Ready to go a step further? We’ve got you covered with advanced subjects like Arterial Blood Gases, lab analyses, blood types, and more.

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Comprehensive Student Resources Included

The course bolsters your experience with numerous student resources, all covered within the tuition fee. These resources include access to study materials, practice exams that mimic the real test, interactive modules that provide context for answer concepts, & expert guidance from instructors who are working professionals.

Flexible and Self-Paced Learning Structure

Recognizing the diverse needs and schedules of our students, this course is structured to be completed at your own pace over an 8-9 week period.

The flexibility of the program allows you to engage with the material in a way that fits your lifestyle and learning preferences.

This course has 96 hours of clinical rotation as a requirement, which must be completed in order to satisfy the Florida Board of Nursing requirements for course completion. When you perform clinical rotation, a minimum of 48 of these clinical hours must be completed in person within the state of Florida. Clinical rotation dates are coordinated to align clinical hours with your progress, ensuring a seamless and integrated clinical site experience.

Empowering Your Nursing Career

Aceso’s NCLEX remedial course is not just about passing an exam; it’s about empowering you as a nursing professional.

By the end of this course, you’ll have gained clinical experience, a deeper understanding of nursing principles, enhanced your clinical skills, and be thoroughly prepared to tackle the NCLEX with confidence and a deeper understanding of the concepts you originally struggled with.

Your Tailored Journey to NCLEX Success with Aceso

Enrolling in Aceso’s NCLEX remediation program means more than accessing study materials; it’s joining a supportive and interactive community. Our remedial program is designed to address your unique challenges, ensuring a comprehensive, complete, & personalized preparation experience along with a supportive and engaged support system.

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Why Choose Aceso for Your NCLEX Remediation:

  • We Have a Track Record of Improvement: Our students show remarkable progress & success in their exam retake.
  • You Have Versatile Learning Options: From in-person to remote learning, we cater to your preferred learning environment and time commitments.
  • You’ll Receive Unwavering Support: We provide extensive resources & expert guidance to bolster your preparation to walk into the test with confidence.

Step Forward with Aceso: Your Go-To for NCLEX Remediation

Your nursing journey deserves a strong comeback. Choose Aceso Institute for an NCLEX remedial course that equips you with the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed for successful completion of the exam.

Our proven methods, flexible learning options, & dedicated support are all geared toward helping you conquer the NCLEX on your next attempt.

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