How RN and LPN Students Can Benefit from Group Tutoring

While the benefits of individual tutoring are often shouted from the rooftops, group tutoring for RN and LPN students is advantageous for many reasons. Filling the gap between classroom-based learning and one-on-one tutoring, it facilitates collective social learning as well as being more intensive than a traditional classroom.

Motivation can be a major roadblock for students, and group tutoring provides an additional reason to attend tuition classes: camaraderie. It’s not just the promise of shared experience that makes group sessions a great idea for LPN and RN learners, though. Keep reading to find out more reasons why studying as part of a group can benefit nursing students.  

Collective Knowledge Drives Progress

No matter how much an individual knows, another person can always offer a different perspective or new bit of knowledge. When in a group situation, RN and LPN students get a firsthand look at how their peers solve problems and work through ideas. Each learner has a unique background and can contribute something a little different to the rest of the group.

The tutor remains the key source of learning, but the learning experience is amplified by the inclusion of peer support. The process of watching a fellow student solve a problem can be life-changing because it shows you a new way of reaching a conclusion you might never have otherwise discovered. Plus, as a collective, you can draw from each other’s knowledge and share resources for the greater good of the tutor session.

Benefits of Group Tutoring for RN and LPN Students

Let’s look at a breakdown of the main advantages of taking part in tutor groups for RN and LPN students. 


In many instances, group tutoring is more affordable than one-on-one tutoring. It’s logical that with one tutor and multiple students, you’d pay less than you would as the only recipient. The costs of tutoring can quickly rack up, and if you’re working with a tight budget like many nursing students, it makes sense to opt for group tutoring.  


Individual tutoring probably has the upper hand when it comes to preparing for tests. However, group tutoring connects you with your peer group. Humans are highly social beings, and making a friend can be a truly motivating aspect of the learning process. What’s more, you might come across an individual or two who say something inspiring and intriguing every time they contribute in the tutor session. 


Different perspectives and learning styles, as well as hearing a variety of voices, can make the learning experience more exciting and engaging. Listening to a single person for an hour can get dull, even for the most focused individuals. 

Students Can Help Each Other

One of the great things about group tutor groups for RNs and LPNs is the opportunity for peer support. Some individuals would never dream of interrupting their tutor to ask a question or might be shy about expressing an opinion they think could be wrong to an authority figure. If you’re one of these people, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t mind asking a peer the same question. 

Participation Facilitates Understanding

When LPNs and RNs work with a one-on-one tutor, the tutor does most of the talking. They might ask questions, but it’s never a truly collaborative process. With a group tutoring session, participation is actively encouraged. Talking through your thoughts and listening to other people can be an excellent way of developing your understanding of a nursing subject.  

Social Confidence

While some people might thrive in an individual tutoring setting, others would find it stifling. If being around other people gives you confidence to speak up and be heard, group RN or LPN tutoring could be a great idea for you. One-on-one interactions can put a lot of pressure on the learner, while in group sessions, the burden of speaking up is shared among peers.

Healthy Competition

There’s no denying that some people thrive on healthy competition. If being around other RN and LPN students lights a fire under you, go with it! There’s no shame in being motivated by the desire to prove yourself when it comes to matching the ability of your peers.  

What to Expect From Group Tutoring Sessions

LPN and RN learners can get benefits from group tuition that they wouldn’t gain from individual tutoring sessions. 

Student-Led Discussion

In a group setting, you’ll be asked to explain concepts to the rest of the group. While you might have a good grasp of the information yourself, relaying it to others forces you to organize the information in your mind so it’s easily understood by others. For many people, this facilitates a deeper understanding of the concept at hand.

Pair and Share

In this type of activity, you learn about a concept independently, then work with a partner and finally share what you’ve learned with the rest of the group. In an individual tutor session, you’d only get the benefit of learning directly from the tutor. This type of activity provides a different perspective and forces you to internalize the knowledge further by sharing it with the rest of the group.

Peer Reviewing

Another thing nursing students can’t get from one-on-one tutor sessions is peer reviewing. This gives you a unique opportunity to flex your leadership/supervisory skills by learning how to give feedback to your peers constructively. What’s more, studying each other’s work can provide new insights into course material. 

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