How RN and LPN Students Can Benefit from Individual Tutoring

Nursing is one of the most important professions in the world, with professionals acting as the first line of defense for people who are disabled, sick or infirm. These soldiers of health care have the closest relationships with patients, which equates to a huge amount of responsibility alongside the duties they perform on a daily basis.

If you’re in the process of becoming a nurse and thinking about getting an individual tutor, you should be proud. The more you can maximize your knowledge and understanding of the subject, the better you’ll be able to take care of your patients. Read on to discover the top five benefits of individual tutoring for RN and LPN students.  

Licensed Practical Nurses

An LPN offers basic nursing care and performs duties such as assisting with activities of daily life, comforting patients, inserting catheters and checking blood pressure. To get to this position, you’ll need to graduate from an accredited Practical Nursing Diploma school and pass the NCLEX-PN exam. To get into this type of course, you’ll need a high school diploma and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certification.

According to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, the median salary for an LPN is $48,820. Some of the topics and courses you might require individual tutoring in include:

  • Introduction to Nursing
  • Legal, Cultural and Ethical Aspects of Nursing
  • Physiology
  • Anatomy
  • Control and Prevention of Infection
  • IV Therapy
  • Emergency Nursing Care
  • Pediatrics
  • Gerontology

Registered Nurses

Registered nurses (RN’s) are high-level medical professionals who are responsible for administering medication, giving patients instructions about aftercare, performing diagnostic tests and analyzing results and overseeing other nurses. There are two routes to becoming an RN, although this is soon going to change to one.

Currently, you can seek a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or an Associate’s Degree in Nursing, followed by an NCLEX-RN. An ADN usually takes only two years to complete, but this is likely to be phased out soon. A BSN takes four years to complete and is seen as the most respected avenue to becoming an RN. 

Once qualified, you’ll earn an average of $75,330 annually. RNs need to obtain a specialized nursing license and complete their NCLEX-RN. Many choose to seek certification for a specialty, but this isn’t a requisite. Some of the RN coursework you can get one-on-one tutoring for includes:

  • The Nature of Nursing Practice
  • Integrated Cell Biology and Microbiology
  • Fundamentals of Nutrition
  • Psychological and Social Diversity in Health and Wellness
  • Statistics for Research and Measurement
  • Public Policy and the Nation’s Health 

The Power of Collaboration

Humanity has evolved to be so successful for a broad range of reasons, but collaboration is one of the main ones. The reason teamwork is so prevalent in our world is because it’s highly effective. People help each other by filling in blank spots in each other’s knowledge, offering encouragement and providing accountability.

As anyone with kids knows, when people are left to their own devices, they’re more likely to get distracted, lose focus or struggle to grasp a concept. The beauty of tutoring is that you’re collaborating with an expert who can guide you to the right answers and build your confidence as you go. 

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons investing in an individual tutor will improve your experience of getting qualified. 

5 Benefits of Individual Tutoring for RN and LPN Students

We all know that classrooms with a low student-to-teacher ratio tend to perform the best. It’s no surprise that a one-on-one teaching environment is even more effective. You get the undivided attention of the tutor, and there’s no limit on the number of questions you can ask. Instruction is tailored to your pace, and additional focus is given to the subjects you struggle with most. 

With guidance from a tutor, you can reach new levels and significantly improve your confidence in the subjects you get assistance with. Below are the top reasons LPN and RN students who work with an individual tutor perform better. 

1. Conversation Aids Comprehension

Trying to talk through a nursing concept you don’t understand by yourself usually has one outcome: going around in circles. However, talking an idea through with an expert in the field is a surefire way to untangle confusion, build on your existing knowledge and gain a deeper insight into the subject you’re working on.

2. In-Depth Discovery

In-depth insight is one of the main reasons RNs and LPNs get a tutor. While you might think of a tutor as someone who only helps people who are struggling, there’s another vital function they perform. If you’re a highly driven person who wants to get ahead of your classmates, tutoring can give you a more well-rounded and detailed understanding of the coursework you’re tackling.

3. Personalized Tutoring

While classroom learning has excellent opportunities for peer-based learning, you don’t get a bespoke curriculum based on your own strengths, weaknesses and speed of learning. With private tutoring, the entire experience is customized to your unique needs and abilities. 

4. Confidence

Often, the thing that holds people back from meeting their full potential is confidence. Lack of self-belief can be seriously detrimental, and if you’ve lost faith in yourself, tutoring is an excellent way to rediscover it. Sometimes, all it takes to rebuild confidence and get back on track is reassurance from someone who knows their stuff.

5. Accountability

Last but by no means least is accountability. Spending time with a tutor every week adds an extra layer of accountability to your studies. In class, the teacher doesn’t have time to ensure everyone contributes or hands in each assignment on time, but a tutor does.

With one person dedicating themselves to you and your education, and the reality of facing up to them on a regular basis, it’s pretty challenging to show up without having done your homework.  

Educational Programs for RNs and LPNs

It doesn’t matter if you want to get a tutor to catch up on missed work, bring yourself up to speed if you’re feeling behind or simply want to be the top student in your nursing class, Aceso Institute can help. Get in touch with us today at 850-792-2376 to find out more.