NCLEX Review for Nursing Schools | 4 Tips on How to Prepare your Nursing Students

At the Aceso Institute of Health Professions, we understand how important it is for nurses to feel confident in their preparation for the NCLEX. Our NCLEX review courses are approved by the Florida Board of Nursing.

We’ve been providing test preparation assistance since 2017, offering the industry’s best NCLEX review for schools, including traditional in-person and online courses. As experts in the NCLEX exam, we’re your go-to source for helping nursing schools and colleges increase their RN and PN student success rates.

According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), schools and students should be familiar with the NCLEX test plan, which is updated every 3 years. Our NCLEX prep course is designed to ensure your nursing school students are ready for the latest version of the NCLEX RN or PN board.

What Does the NCLEX RN Exam Test Plan Include?

The NCLEX test plan doubles as a test preparation resource and guide for student test-takers and for further exam development.

As of 2023, it includes the following:

  • Information about NCLEX exam content
  • Details about how the exam is administered
  • Writing tips
  • Information on clinical judgment approach and critical thinking skills
  • Client Needs Categories definitions
  • Content examples
  • Statements on nursing activity
  • Sample exam questions
  • An item writing guide

While the NCSBN states that it “does not recommend or endorse any review courses or study materials,” it does advise students preparing for the exams to contact a nursing education professional for the review course and study materials recommendations.

This puts nursing schools and educators at the front line in guiding students to the best NCLEX prep courses and materials. It’s best to arm yourself with knowledge and contact information for test preparation courses like Aceso’s that you can be confident are fully vetted, approved and effective.

This way, you can be sure your students have the best chance to obtain the best test preparation guidance, tutoring and courses available to lead them straight to a successful exam date.

How the Aceso Institute of Health Professions Can Help

We’re experts in the NCLEX, and our years of experience working with test takers have given us the framework and knowledge to understand exactly what it takes to pass the NCLEX with flying colors. Here are our top five tips for preparing your students to pass the NCLEX exam.

1. Invest in Test Prep Resources

Like any endeavor, one of the first steps toward success is building a supportive and strong foundation. With test taking, that means acquiring test prep resources. A comprehensive set of resources usually includes: 

  • Review materials in the form of written study guides or books
  • Practice tests
  • Direct guidance from someone who’s an expert in the test
  • Clear test preparation strategy 

It’s important that the strategy incorporates a student’s current knowledge and skills and considers the amount of time available before the actual test date. When a student is armed with a solid set of test prep resources and information, they can feel confident in their ability to succeed from day one. Aceso offers the most trusted and proven test prep resources available.

2. Recommend Study Resources

As a school, you can recommend study resources to your students and graduates. Some may need the knowledge or reminder that study resources are available. They may need to learn which resources they can trust, even if they’re aware. As their trusted educator and authority, you can recommend the resources you’ve vetted to best prepare your students for their exams. Students begin their test preparation journey from different places, even if they’ve successfully graduated from the same school, so it’s essential to meet each person where they are in their educational journey.

3. Go Beyond the Practice Questions

Practice questions may be one element of a good test prep strategy, but they’re far from the only thing. The best test preparation strategy and preparation include critical thinking exercises and practices to help students confidently face the questions they may not be practiced in. It’s important to work out the mind the same way an athlete works the muscles in their body to prepare for game day. The brain and mind functions as a muscle that can increase strength and endurance the more consistently it’s stretched and worked out. Along with knowing the subject matter, you want the mind to be sharp and in shape, enabling students to think quickly on their feet and with the power and skills to think critically about the questions they encounter on test day.

Many of us benefit from receiving the same information in various ways — for example, written and oral explanations of test questions and answers, video lessons to accompany a workbook or an interactive discussion. Additionally, students learn in different ways; there are so many ways the brain can intercept and process knowledge. Methods include repetition to form a sort of muscle memory and ingrain new knowledge, visual learning, auditory learning and practical, hands-on, tactical learning.

4. Stay Updated on the NCLEX Format

It’s important to stay up to date on the latest NCLEX format. As with most things, it’s ever-changing, reformatted to fit the latest nursing standards and evolving climate, and designed to minimize chances of cheating and maintain the test’s difficulty level from year to year.

Students also need to understand the test’s purpose and goals, including the application of knowledge. When preparing for the test, they should keep their ultimate purpose in mind: not just to pass the test but to become the best, most confident, and competent practitioner they can be in their chosen field.

What Percentage of Candidates Pass the NCLEX?

According to NCLEX data, the average pass rate for all NCLEX candidates was just over 63% in 2022, and about 80% for first-time U.S. educated grads. International students and those who’ve already taken the NCLEX once unsuccessfully can benefit most from a prep course.

Some registered nurse programs have a pass rate as low as 34%. Enrolling students with Aceso can help them succeed on the actual NCLEX, where we have a track record of helping nursing schools increase their rates of passing the NCLEX to 100%.

Aceso’s NCLEX Courses

Review and Remediation Courses

NCLEX classes with Aceso are the ideal prep course for first-time test takers to experienced licensed practical nurses who’ve returned to school to become registered nurses. Students take a personalized course with actual practice questions and self-paced online classes. They also have the valuable resource of a personal tutor to answer questions and provide performance insight with diagnostic tests and practice exams.

Aceso’s NCLEX remediation course meets the Florida Board of Nursing’s requirements for remediation. It’s designed to help anyone who needs personalized coaching, live classes, audio lessons and detailed review materials so they can better prepare.

Remediation courses benefit students who have had unsuccessful NCLEX attempts and nursing students from other countries who may be unfamiliar with U.S. testing requirements.

Our remediation course topics include the following:

  • Exam Prep
  • Nursing professional standards
  • Pediatric and maternity nursing
  • Mental health and body system disorders
  • Growth and development

Request more information from Aceso Nursing today to learn how we can help your students with targeted NCLEX prep courses.