NCLEX Review & Remediation Programs & Courses in Florida

Suppose you're a nursing graduate looking to pass your NCLEX exam for Practical Nurses (PN) or Registered Nurses (RN). In that case, Aceso's NCLEX remedial program in Florida is designed to help you succeed.

How Acesco Prepares You

Aceso's nurse educators provide test-takers with study plans and guides for successful course completion. NCLEX exam prep is an in-depth process that includes:

  • Traditional and online courses
  • An NCLEX review book 
  • Access to an online learning platform with practice questions
  • A clinical simulation platform to enhance critical thinking and clinical judgment skills
Clinical evaluators and nurse preceptors assisting a student during a clinical evaluation

Choose Aceso's NCLEX Remediation Course to Jumpstart Your Success

With Aceso's test prep, we guarantee you will have live interaction with an instructor who cares about your success and will work with you to prepare to tackle the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN with confidence.

Why Choose Aceso:

  • Live interaction with dedicated instructors
  • Diverse question styles covering all necessary content areas
  • High pass rates and support for first-time NCLEX takers

On test day, we don't want you to be caught off guard with NCLEX exam questions you aren't prepared for. Our Florida NCLEX review and remediation programs prepare you with many different styles of questions covering everything from nursing process content to managing client care.

Test-taking with Aceso is beneficial: After going through our course and completing a practice test or two, you'll wonder how you got through nursing school without us!

Aceso offers remediation courses that satisfy the Florida Board of Nursing requirements. This course will strengthen your knowledge of nursing concepts, improve your interpersonal communication strategies and critical thinking skills, and enhance your clinical nursing judgment.

State-Approved NCLEX Remediation:

Aceso's course meets the Florida Board of Nursing's requirements by focusing on:

  • Nursing concepts and professional standards
  • Interpersonal communication and critical thinking
  • A broad range of nursing topics, from pharmacology to maternity and pediatric nursing

Nursing Remediation Course Details:

  • Tuition for the remedial course typically costs $2,000
  • All classroom materials are included
  • Dates are updated regularly on our programs and courses page

The knowledge you'll gain from the successful completion of our remedial course covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Exam preparation/test prep
  • Professional standards in nursing
  • Foundations of managing client care
  • Maintaining optimal healthcare
  • Growth and development across the human lifespan
  • Maternity & Pediatric Nursing
  • Body systems and body system disorders
  • Mental health disorders
  • Pharmacology
  • Commonly prescribed medications
  • Dosage and calculation
  • Clinical experience
  • ABGs
  • Lab values
  • Blood type and crossmatch
A class on recording patient assessment information

For Nursing Graduates Needing Clinical Requirements or Theory Components

For nursing graduates who've already received their Authorization To Test (ATT) but need an NCLEX-RN prep course before the exam, Aceso's review is an excellent choice. Students enrolling in this course may join the theory portion of the remediation approved by the Florida Board of Nursing or may join the clinical rotation, depending on their needs.

  • A 10-day course covering extensive NCLEX prep and nursing fundamentals as listed above
  • No previous clinical experience is required for this specific course
  • Note: The completion of this NCLEX RN prep course does not award a new license or renew an active license; please visit Aceso's NCLEX Remediation Course for full details

Choose ACESO for NCLEX Exam Success!

Aceso is your partner for the best test-taking strategies to master the NCLEX in Florida with effective study materials, expert instruction, and a supportive learning environment. Check our website for the latest course offerings.

FAQs for Florida’s NCLEX Review & Remediation Programs in Florida

Who should enroll in Aceso's NCLEX Review and Remediation Programs?

These programs are designed for Practical Nurses (PN) graduates and Registered Nurses (RN) graduates who are preparing for their NCLEX exams, seeking recertification or need a remediation course to meet the Florida Board of Nursing requirements.

What does the NCLEX preparation include?

Aceso's prep includes traditional and online courses, a review book with practice questions, and access to a clinical simulation platform to enhance critical thinking and clinical judgment skills.

How does Aceso ensure high-quality preparation for the NCLEX exam? 

Aceso provides live instructor interaction, diverse practice questions, and a comprehensive study plan, aiming for a high pass rate and confidence in test-takers.

What topics are covered in the remedial course?

The course covers a wide range of nursing topics, including exam preparation, nursing standards, client care management, pharmacology, and more. It provides a comprehensive understanding necessary for successfully tackling the NCLEX and excelling in your nursing practice.

How can I enroll in Aceso's NCLEX Review and Remediation Programs?

Visit Aceso's ‘Educational Nursing Programs & Courses’ page for the latest course offerings, dates, and enrollment instructions. For more detailed guidance, feel free to contact our support team!