Your Guide To a Successful NCLEX Remediation Course

The journey to becoming a nurse is filled with numerous challenges, one of the most daunting being the NCLEX exam. Some may seem to sail through this test with flying colors, while others might stumble along the way.  

The Aceso NCLEX remediation course serves as a systematic approach for candidates who may have had a little trouble in their initial NCLEX RN or NCLEX PN exam attempt. This process aids them in pinpointing their weak spots and crafting strategies to tackle them.  

No matter how well-prepared we think we are, there’s always room for improvement. An NCLEX remediation course provides targeted training to reinforce the areas in which you’re weak. 

While the journey of remediation may seem demanding, it’s an indispensable step for acing the NCLEX.  

Not All Programs Are Created Equal 

It’s crucial to remember that not every NCLEX remedial course is cut from the same cloth. Some of the differences can significantly impact the quality and relevance of the content. One key differentiator is the creator of the program. 

Programs designed by nurses, for nurses, tend to be of higher quality. Why? Because these professionals have been in the trenches for the majority of their nursing careers.

They understand the challenges of the NCLEX and the nursing profession as a whole. They craft their curriculum with firsthand experience, ensuring that you get the most relevant and useful content. 

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Reasons to Choose Programs Created by Nurses

Real-world Experience 

Nurse educators bring a wealth of practical knowledge, giving you insights you won’t find in a standard textbook. 

Personalized Learning 

With a deeper understanding of a nurse’s journey, these educators can offer more tailored support. 

High Success Rates 

Programs created by nurses often boast higher success rates, owing to their comprehensive and relevant curriculum. 

A strong nclex remedial course can help obtain a passing score on a second text

Topics Covered in the Aceso NCLEX Remediation Course are designed to help you succeed in your next test. 

Exam Preparation 

Mastering the format and structure of the NCLEX is just as important as knowing the content. A lack of familiarity can be a stumbling block for passing. Refining your test-taking strategies can be a game-changer, allowing you to approach questions more efficiently. Structured exam preparation helps decrease surprises on test day, boosting your confidence and time management skills. 

Professional Standards in Nursing 

Upholding professional standards ensures patient safety and quality care. It forms the foundation of the nursing practice. A deeper understanding of these standards can help in scenario-based questions, better guiding your “best answer” decisions and actions. Understanding and internalizing these standards will ensure that you answer ethically and correctly, according to NCLEX guidelines.  

Foundations of Care 

Covering the basic care and comfort, safety procedures, and infection control of patients is paramount in nursing and to pass the NCLEX test. Revisiting this can reinforce best practices and correct any misconceptions. A strong grasp ensures you can provide holistic care and make informed decisions during the exam. 

Growth and Development Across the Lifespan 

Nurses care for patients of all ages. Understanding the different developmental stages is crucial. This insight can provide context for patient care scenarios, making questions specific to age easier to answer. Knowledge in this area ensures you provide age-appropriate answers in exam scenarios, increasing your chances of correct responses. 

Maternity Nursing 

Maternity care is specialized and requires distinct knowledge. Focusing on nuances covered in the NCLEX ensures that you don’t miss out on specific maternity-related questions. With a comprehensive understanding, you can confidently tackle any maternity-related scenario the NCLEX throws at you. 

Pediatric Nursing 

Children are not mini-adults; their care requires special attention and knowledge. Refreshing this topic can clarify unique pediatric conditions and care methods. This knowledge ensures that you illustrate safe and effective care to pediatric patients in the exam scenarios. 

Body Systems & Body System Disorders 

A comprehensive understanding of the human body and potential disorders is foundational for every nurse. Building critical thinking skills in these areas can bridge any gaps in knowledge and rectify misunderstandings. Mastery of these topics guarantees you’re prepared for a significant chunk of the NCLEX content. 

Mental Health Disorders 

Mental health is an integral part of patient care. Recognizing and understanding disorders is key. A refresher can provide deeper insights into diagnosis and care. Being adept in this area ensures you approach mental health answers with sensitivity and accuracy. 

Pharmacology & Dosage and Calculation 

Medication administration and calculation are daily tasks for nurses, and mistakes can be fatal. Reinforcing this knowledge can prevent calculation errors and enhance medication safety. A strong grip on pharmacology ensures you make no errors in medication-related questions. 

Clinical Component 

These are the hands-on skills every nurse needs. Revisiting them can ensure proficiency and confidence. Demonstrating clinical experience in these skills on the exam is a sure path to success. 

For successful completion of the course, you’ll still have to complete your clinical portion at a clinical site near you. This course has 96 hours of clinical rotation which must be completed in order to satisfy the Florida Board of Nursing requirements.

A minimum of 48 of these hours for clinical requirements must be completed in person within Florida. 

Concepts such as ABGs, Lab Values, Blood Type, and Crossmatch, and More 

These intricate concepts are essential for patient assessments and treatments. Refreshing these can improve accuracy and understanding, especially in complex scenarios that require a “best” answer among multiple correct ones. Mastery in these specialized areas ensures that you’re equipped to tackle even the most challenging NCLEX questions. 

A comprehensive NCLEX remedial course

Why should nurses in Florida choose Aceso for their NCLEX Remediation Course? 


At Aceso, we’re proud of our team of nurse educators who bring their real-world experience into the classroom, ensuring that you get the best education possible. 

Proven Track Record: 

Our success rates speak for themselves. Our graduates complete the program with the confidence and knowledge to conquer the NCLEX. 

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We understand the unique challenges and opportunities for nurses, and our course is tailored to ensure you’re best prepared for the state’s nursing environment.

Although Florida-focused, students from across the country choose Aceso’s NCLEX remediation to successfully satisfy the requirements of their home state.  

Don’t leave your NCLEX retake to chance. With Aceso, you’re not just getting a remediation course; you’re joining a community committed to seeing you succeed.

Enroll today and discover why Aceso is the top choice for NCLEX Remediation in Florida. Your future in nursing awaits!