IV Therapy Hybrid- Classroom dates: November 2, 2023


Nov, 02 2023
- Nov, 02 2023


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The purpose of this course is to train nurses, nursing students, and those who insert, maintain, and discontinue IVs in their scope of practice. Aceso’s IV therapy course covers a variety of topics that are both hands-on and hands-off. These topics include psychological prep, procedure for vein puncture, a glossary of common terminology, and much more.

The 30-hour Intravenous Therapy Course offered by Aceso is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing and CE Broker. Successful completion of this course will require 24 online hours and 6 campus hour and will award 30 CEUs. The online portion of the course is to be completed before your first day of class. This course meets requirements for IV therapy education and contains the following components:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Psychological preparation and support
  • Site and function of the peripheral veins used for vein puncture
  • Procedure for vein puncture
  • Relationship between intravenous therapy and the body’s homeostatic and regulatory functions
  • Signs and symptoms of complications in the delivery of fluids and medications
  • Identification of equipment used in administering intravenous therapy
  • Formulas used to calculate fluid and drug administration rate
  • Methods of administering drugs intravenously
  • Principles of compatibility and incompatibility of drugs and solutions
  • Nursing management of the patient receiving drug therapy
  • Nursing management of the patient receiving blood and blood components
  • Nursing management of the patient receiving parenteral nutrition
  • Principles of infection control in IV therapy
  • Nursing management of special IV therapy procedures commonly used in the clinical setting
  • Central Venous line access and maintenance
  • Glossary of common terminology
  • Hands-on skills practice and evaluation check-off