Practical Nursing Program

Are you seeking a fulfilling career with good pay and unlimited job opportunities? For many individuals, nursing is the answer. One pathway to a long-term career in nursing is to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or licensed vocational nurse.

Practical Nursing Can Lead to a Successful Nursing Career 

Practical nurses work in hospitals, long-term care facilities, physicians’ offices, rehabilitation centers, public health clinics and other sites where they provide basic nursing care. For many aspiring nurses, becoming a practical nurse can be a stepping stone to a career as a registered nurse. A one-year program provides the knowledge and skills to earn a living wage, gain experience in the field and determine if nursing is the right fit. LPNs who enjoy their work often enroll in registered nursing programs to earn an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree.

Practical Nursing Program in Central Florida

Aceso Institute’s practical nursing program in Central Florida provides quality education for students. Faculty members go the extra mile to ensure students get the education and clinical training to prepare them for the challenges and duties they can expect in various employment settings. The staff understands the need to accommodate students who may have multiple responsibilities. 

Exceptional Education for Aspiring Licensed Practical Nurses

The practical nursing curriculum offers the hands-on training and theoretical knowledge students need to feel confident in their ability to provide excellent patient care. During the clinical rotation, a student works with other health care professionals in practical training that helps prepare them for practice in various health care settings.

Program Objectives

Licensed practical nurse program objectives ensure students graduate from the program with the skills to practice as professional nurses, understanding the ethical and legal boundaries of working as licensed practical nurses. In caring for patients, they carry out the duties delegated by registered nurses. Using their knowledge of cultural differences, psychosocial needs and stages of human growth and development, they respond to patients with compassion while providing the highest quality of care.

LPN Program Courses

The courses in the Aceso LPN program include general education courses in anatomy and physiology, biology, human growth and development, psychology, practical nursing courses with classroom content, laboratory practice and opportunities to develop hands-on clinical skills through patient care. Admission to a practical nursing program requires a high school diploma or equivalent education. After successful completion of practical nursing education, graduates earn the LPN diploma and are eligible to sit for the LPN or LVN licensure exam through the Florida Board of Nursing. Candidates for the National Council Licensure Examination in Florida must pass a background check.

Employment Outlook for Licensed Practical Nurses

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the occupational outlook for graduates of practical nursing programs is positive, with expected job growth of 9% over the next several years. A practical nursing diploma positions the LPN program graduate to seek good-paying opportunities and pursue higher education.